I'm Mike and I'm a web developer who loves JavaScript.

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If you're reading this it's probably because you've seen the domain in my email and decided to be nosey. That's cool, that's exactly what I would do if I was thinking of hiring someone. I'm a (mostly) front end web developer who likes to use JavaScript wherever possible. I put this together using a Gatsby.js starter and Vercel. I was sort of using it to learn about Gatsby, but in the process I've discovered that some Gatsby/React devs really don't seem to know how to write basic CSS...

Please don't judge me on the styling! (I'm gradually correcting things).

For the last few years I've mostly been working for a fantastic Manchester web development agency called Unbranded based in MediaCity, here's an article I wrote for their website.

I mostly just use this domain for email, so it's pretty likely if you check back in a week or two that this will be completely different, or broken, or used for some other experiment. Whilst you're here though, you might as well be extra nosey and see what score this page gets in Google Pagespeed.